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Are you running business from home; Council Tax?

There are many entrepreneurs who run their business from home. Not many of them are aware that you might need a separate insurance or even a business rates might be applicable?

Over the course of 2 decades we have seen many clients, companies etc they run from the comfort of their own home. They start small and scale it up which is an extraordinary model as it will put very less pressure on the entrepreneurs and they can focus on growing their business. However we advise our client to check first with their landlord or estate agent to confirm if they are allowed to open a company and use their home address as registered office address or now.

On many occasions we have seen a clause put in the rental contract that stops the tenant or entrepreneurs to use their residential address as registered office address, in this scenario it could be a breach of contract with your landlord.

As a solution to this there are many companies like Regus etc which will allow a small businesses or even a sole trader to use their designated office address as the company’s registered office address for a fixed monthly fees etc. There could also be a facility of booking board rooms and organise conference or have a meeting likewise. This helps a small businesses to enhance their image.

We would recommend our client to check whether it is allowed to do business from the premises registered. It is always good to be on the safe side then getting caught after.

Further information on this can be found or government website on Gov.uk, or in the link below.


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