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The 5 most regular questions clients do ask

Every businesses has their own framework and blueprint. But the basics of business remains the same. We can call it the business DNA. Every time we talk with the client, the problems resonate to each other businesses although they are entirely different and completed unrelated.

Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions about their business;

  1. How to manage next months payroll? – Working Capital issues
  2. The VAT money has been used up, what can we do? – Cashflow problem
  3. Can I pay my employees on the third week of next month? – Trust issues
  4. How much is my cost per hour – Lack analysis
  5. Can we voluntarily wipe the creditors? – survival issues

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After being in the practice for more than a decade, we found out that when it comes to taxes almost every clients are paying more than they are supposed to. Their traditional accountant were not up to date with the rules and it was costing the client heavily in terms of taxes. Hence we incorporat..